About Santwona College

Santwona provides a caring, student-centered environment where the values of tolerance, appreciation and respect for individual differences are highly prized. Santwona equips its students with the skills necessary to be caring, independent, productive and responsible citizens, confidently ready to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Santwona Memorial Academy Secondary School is in Shantinagar, Kathmandu. Santwona Memorial Campus is affiliated with TU and offers BBS, BSW and MA in Sociology & Anthropology.


1. Develop Intellectual and social competencies

2. Empower with transferable and practical skills

3. Equip with a broad knowledge of culture, science and society

Different Courses that we offer:


Start your career from Santwona

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Be dynamic managers with ability to handle responsibility in
every sectors.

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Demanding subject
not only in Nepal but
all over the

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Succeed by harnessing the full power of management accounting.
- The whole business

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Be master in Masters in Art

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